Sunday, 4 September 2011

Magical Number

There exists a magical number,you can multiply that number in your mind with the shocking speed.That number is  142,857. Now give the pencil and paper to your friends.Now show them your paper which is complete blank and you will only write the result on it.
Now ask your friends to multiply 142,857 with any number between 1 to 7.
Now ask your friends for any digit of their result
If the 4th digit from the left is 4 then you can tell that the result is 571,428 and you can even tell that the number with which it was multiplied is 4   :)
Now lets see how that magical number works !!!!!!!
Whenever you multiply that magical number with any number between 1 to 6 the result will come in the same order of the magical number i.e 142,857 only the start will be different.If you want proof, then multiply and see on your calculater.If you know the single digit and its place in the result then you can write the complete answer.
From the above example when your friend tell you that the fourth digit of the result after multiplication is 4,then you instantly know that the fourth fifth and sixth digit is 428 according to the orignal order of the magical number and before 428 is 5,7 and 1.
The question is how you know that the number with which the magical number 142,857 is multiplied ? then see the last digit of your answer because the last digit will be different for every six number you choose to multiply. If the last digit is 1 then you instantly know that the digit with which it is multiplied is 3 because (3x142,857 = 428,571) if the last digit is 4 then you know that the multiplication number is 2 because (2x142,857 = 285,714),  if this last digit is 8 then the multiplication number is 4
simple !!!!!
But this is only for the numbers between 1 to 6, and i said before that you can choose any number between 1 to 7 for multiplication.Correct !! if you multiply that magical number with 7 then the result will be another magical number
999,999 !

Good Luck

Always same answer-------9

Things you need :- A calculater,a paper and pencil

This is a mysterious trick,which can be the base of the tricks of revealing secrets of heart.Because whenever you add,subtract,divide or multiply the result will always be 9.It can be done with many methods.

  1. Write any number between 10 to 99 on your calculater (your friend selects 28)        28
  2. Now reverse the numbers                                                                                        82
  3. Subtract the greater digit from the smaller one                                       (82-28)       54  
  4. Now divide it from the difference of the basic to digits (this time the difference 8-2 means 6) so divide 54 with 6 and the answer comes 9     :)
You must know the alternate methods of doing this trick so that your audience don't think that you are repeating the things

Second Method 
  1. Select a number (for example 567134)                                                  567134
  2. Now change the order of digits whatever manner you like                      341765
  3. Subtract the greater number from the smaller one    (567134-341765)   225369
  4. Now add the digits of that number,until you are left with one digit 

Third Method

  1. Select a number whose no digit is greater than 7.(Your friend selects 4751)       4751
  2. Multiply it with 10                                                                                             47510
  3. Subtract the basic digit from this number  (47510-4751)                                    42759
  4. Now divide it with the basic number 4751
Result = 9

Fourth Method

  1. Select a number with 6 digits (Your friend selects 4751)                  4751
  2. Multiply it with 100                                                                         475100
  3. Now subtract the basic number from the result  (475100-4751)       470349
  4. Now divide the result with 11                                                           42759
  5. Now finally divide it with basic digit    (42759/4751)
Result = 9